Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased to twinkle. By the same illusion which lifts the horizon of the sea to the level of the spectator on a hillside…
, the sable cloud beneath was dished out, and the car seemed to float in the middle of an immense dark sphere, whose upper half was strewn with silver. Looking down into the dark gulf below, I could see a ruddy light streaming through a rift in the clouds.

Birthday Parties - Above & Beyond Event Planning Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Ocean Shores, Bangalow, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast, Brisbane

We Organise Unforgettable Birthday Parties

Whether you’re turning one, 21 or 80- EVERYONE deserves a birthday party, and the beauty is it can look however you choose. A big themed party in a venue with a DJ, food and bar, a small and intimate dinner party with a buffet, band and drinks, and everything in between.

We love to make people feel special, and really- that’s how you should feel on your birthday. Whatever your vision, we know how to pull it all together to create a night (or day) you’ll never forget.

Some of our most popular ideas for birthday parties have been hiring a hall and having a band, drinks from the bar and a caterer come in to take care of the food.

Another option is booking a room or area of a much loved local pub or club and having them provide all the food and ability to access the bar. We can assist with all questions and requests and make the calls to get the ball rolling.

Speak with us today about Birthday Parties and let’s make your vision a reality. Enquire online or call our office mobile on 0401 226 238.